flavourful culinary Solutions



BÂTON ROUGE  - “Our first and preferred partner and supplier for flavour development. Rose Hill has always come through for our chain of restaurants and has been very resourceful staff members who are there for us when needed.”  -  Peter Iannopoulos



MAYRAND - “Always there when we need them. Rose Hill’s staff is very responsive and courteous and makes sure orders are received on time. Our customers are pleased with their wide range of products and the quality as well.”  - Carlos Laranjo

SCHWARTZ’S DELI  - “A great business partner of Schwartz’s for a number of years. George and his dedicated team are the only supplier we trust to deliver our secret recipes for favourites like our world famous smoked meat.” - Frank Silva




JOE BEEF  - “We couldn’t have established our presence in the retail market as quickly without the help of the good folks at Rose Hill. They came through with creative and trendy designs and high end blends that are now doing very well in the marketplace.”  - David McMillan




MARC ANGELO - “Rose Hill has played an important role as a solid, reliable supplier of many private recipe items such as marinades, spice blends to name a few. Throughout the years, they’ve always been there for us.”  - George Skoulakis